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Pulse Digital are an approved Reseller, Approved Serving Dealer and Certified Genuine Consumable partner of KYOCERA Document Solutions (UK) Limited and have been for many years.

KYOCERA manufactures and markets monochrome and colour network printers, multifunctional products (MFPs) and a portfolio of software solutions.

Through KYOCERA we have access to a wide range of products and solutions to enable businesses to work better, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Pulse Digital partnered with Kyocera allows us to offer you the combined benefits of a strong relationship, responsive service and the latest technology.

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Intelligent Billing

Harness the potential of Pulse Digital’s new unique INTELLIGENT BILLING platform, which revolutionises the way in which we calculate colour printed page costs when you buy a new MFP device or selected printer, ensuring our clients only pay for the colour they use.

Most of our competitor’s service agreements offer only a single flat rate for colour, usually around 5 pence per page and no matter what the percentage of coverage is. Intelligent Colour Coverage Billing completely changes this by only charging customers for the actual colour they print.

How does it work?

Intelligent billing works on a 3 Tier charging system, where most clients usage falls in the lower percentage bracket. We agree with you the percentage of coverage and the rate for the page produced, on each of 3 meters. Our technician then sets up those parameters in the device and we obtain reports accordingly via our software. It’s 100% accurate, as each printed image is made up of thousands of tiny dots of toner. Three meters (one for each colour cartridge) inside your printing device, automatically count the exact number of colour dots on each printed page, whilst a fourth meter measures the amount of black toner used on black and white pages. Colour coverage is calculated per page and then billed at the most appropriate cost for your organisation (rather than the 5/6% coverage cost industry standard).

There are no hidden costs or changes with this service and Pulse Digital are delighted to bring this Three Tier Billing option to benefit our clients, who will see significant savings in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with the three additional counters.

The Benefits

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